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Refinery Maps

About was inspired after listening to multiple groups of parents tell stories about sick kids living in close proximity to oil and natural gas refinery plants. The maps aim to document health and safety concerns by residents all over the World in an effort to provide more transparency about the risks. These maps are to serve as a platform for people to express their safety concerns about refinery operations that may be jeopardizing their health and safety. Please review or presentation below on the history of our company and how we collect data.

Purpose of the Map

It has been well documented that there are many safety implications of living near electrical substations and power plants. However, energy companies still claim that these areas are safe and are not the cause of health related concerns many residents living near these sites are experiencing. Our map raises the awareness of various illnesses potentially caused by living in close proximity to energy operations.

Lack of Transparency

Energy consumption is critical to our lives. However, the risks are still unknown about living near these locations and the safety implications they impose. it is our objective to document health concerns on a map and leave it up to the scientists and readers to make their own conclusions.

How To Submit New Health Concerns To Map

1 Blue Dots = Oil & Gas Health or Safety Issue Reported
2 Colored Dots = Refineries
3 Add pin, enter address, describe issue(s)
Detailed Video Instructions

Data Licensing

We sell our data at a rate of $1.20 per record and offer various discounts for bulk data purchases and multi-year subscriptions. Please email us details on your data request for a pricing quote.

Maps Created With ZeeMaps

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